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Ego CE4 Replacement Parts – The Most Important Parts Available

The TOOIO eGO CE4 is an impressive product that has been built with longevity in mind, but parts will eventually need to be replaced. Thankfully, there are many replacement parts that can be changed out with ease. In fact, every major component of this amazing electronic cigarette can be easily be replaced. The following parts are most commonly replaced.


One of the most sought after eGo CE4 replacement parts is the battery itself. Oftentimes, batteries have a limited re-charge life and will not maintain their charge for as long as desired. When this occurs, the battery can easily be replaced.


The “mouthpiece” is where a user’s lips touch the device. With extended use, some mouthpieces will need to be replaced. These are easy to change and come in different styles for personalized comfort.


If cleaning does not return a clearomizer back to its former functionality, it will be time to replace it. This is a simple part to remove and simply requires a person to unscrew the piece with their hands. Once this is done, a person will be able to put on a new clearomizer and enjoy their e-cig again.

These are the three major components that make an electronic cigarette work. When these parts begin to wear down, a person will be able to immediately note that a problem exists. The TOOIO CE4 clearomizer will typically be the biggest concern as it is the product’s heating element. When vapor is no longer being produced adequately or is too cold, it is probably the clearomizer that has stopped working. There may even be a burnt taste that is present when vaping. Ideally, a replacement will occur so that the quality level is back to acceptable levels. The manufacturer will typically sell these eGo CE4 replacement parts on their company website.

Ago G5 Vaporizer Instruction Manual

About the Ago G5 Vaporizer: A vaporizer pen meant for personal use, the Ago G5 runs on a powerful and rechargeable battery that lends a significant amount of portability to the device. Primarily used for vaporizing dry herbs, this appliance can be implemented in a number of other areas. Apart from herbs, wax can also be used in the heating chamber which is one of the three key components in use for this device while the battery and mouthpiece are the others. Among other components are steel filters, springs, chamber connectors and ceramic connectors.

The Ago G5 is quite similar to the e-cigarettes as the heating up of the coils results in the herbs getting heated up for the production of vapors. The only point of difference is that the Ago G5 does not feature any tank for holding e-liquids while the heating chamber is made out of ceramics.

Instruction manual: Now that we have gone through a brief introduction of the vaporizer device, let us introduce you to the Ago G5 instruction manual which will help you operate the gadget better and without any unwanted hassles.

  • Before commencing the use of your Ago G5 vaporizer, gather all the necessary herbs and grind them together. A fine grind is preferable as that will help in producing the best resultant vaping effect.
  • Once a fine grind of the herbs have been formed, place all of them in the heating chamber of the Ago G5 vaporizer. Users have suggested placing a small filter screen made of metal so as to prevent the herbs from getting burned or combusted. You may also apply a few drops of e-liquid so as to moisten the herbs. Irrespective of your preferred method of preparation of the herbs, ensure that you do not over pack the heating chamber under any circumstances as a minimum amount of the substance is required for vaping.
  • Visible vapors are not typically produced by herb vaporizers. So if you notice smoke being emitted by the device, it is an indication that the herbs are getting burnt. It is common for many new users to think that the device is faulty when they do not notice the emission of any smoke. However, such is not the case.
  • Before you use your Ago G5 vaporizer for the first time, ensure that you charge it for a minimum of six hours. Once the first charge has been done, it should not take more than a couple of hours for it to attain complete charge on subsequent occasions. When the battery light indicates full capacity, remove the battery from the charging device.

Benefits of using the Ago G5 vaporizer

  • - The fact that this device is completely portable is one of the biggest benefits of the Ago G5 vaporizer. Apart from that, it is also aesthetically pleasing and discreet. Although the look of the device is beyond your concern, it is certainly something worth considering.
  • - The vaporizer features a USB charger and can be recharged in all places, be it at your home or while you are on the go inside your car allowing you to carry the device along wherever you go.
  • - You have the freedom of vaping both wax and dry herbs so that you get a pleasant vaping experience whenever you turn to the Ago G5 vaporizer.

Conclusion: For those who are in the market for a vaporizing device that is portable, cool and works in an efficient manner, the Ago G5 vaporizer is a highly recommended product. Do not hesitate about buying it and you can experience a relaxing puff wherever you go.

How Much is An Electronic Cigarette?

Every person thinking about purchasing an e-cigarette, of course, the question arises that how much is an electronic cigarette? However, a definite answer to it is quite difficult to obtain.

Currently, the Internet has lots of ads about cartridges, atomizers, batteries and accessories for electronic cigarettes on the bargain prices. Most of these proposals are not so favorable for the smoker. First of all, an indication of price often becomes a ploy necessary to attract customers. And the actual cost of electronic cigarettes or its components when buying will be much higher than originally proposed. Also, do not forget about the quality of products according to prices. Choosing conventional tobacco products, smoking many people prefer the more expensive brands, because the taste of cigarettes is more saturated, pleasant aroma. With electronic products the situation is the same way. Modern products can be presented in a fairly wide range of value.

Prices of electronic cigarette from dealers is differ in conventional stores. So how much are electronic cigarettes from different sellers? some company such as Denshi Tobacco is an authorized dealer of the Japanese manufacturer. Therefore, the company is able to offer more favorable terms for the purchase of electronic products. Buyers can purchase completely ready to use kits for $50 or even less. In the kit will include not only smokers’ supplies, but also solid accessories. In the online shop you can buy all the e-cigarette products individually. Disposable electronic cigarette cost may be $15. The cost of the cartridge will be slightly less than $3 (as a pack of regular cigarettes). Many companies constantly makes its customers special offers. So by contacting the dealer, you can buy the device at a substantial discount on other favorable terms.

At retail stores, e-cigarettes are usually slightly more expensive than the official representatives of the manufacturer. This is due to extra shipping cost and packing cost, which make the company to offset the cost of the acquisition devices.

To transgress to electronic smoking, you can buy a disposable device or buy a starter kit, which cost more than the price of conventional products. The set includes not only the device, but expensive accessories that will certainly be needed in the future. Therefore, it is more advantageous to buy than it might seem at first glance. Cartridge price of electronic cigarette devices is the usual price of a pack of tobacco products. Therefore, long-term use of e-cigarette to acquire much more profitable than tobacco.